training, or rather:
co-creation of knowledge

Join the learning adventure!

Participatory Knowledge Development sounds like jargon – but it simply means that learning isn’t one-way traffic from teacher to pupil.

It is a joint (ad)venture: Peer-to-peer group assignments, field trips, impromptu knowledge sharing, and learners becoming teachers.

Starfish Organic can be your tour guide on this journey of discovery.

The Organic Business Leadership Course

In Partnership with Timeli Organic, we are happy to announce that our second Organic Business  Leadership Course will take place this autumn in the Netherlands!

Organic businesses face challenging times:

Explosive market growth, tightening regulation and control, the growing interest of multinationals and corporations, societal demand with critical citizens, and the ongoing effects of the climate crisis offer challenges as well as opportunities.

In order to deal with these challenges, organic business leaders need to be informed, principled, and proactive.

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