Organic business needs organic leadership

Starfish Organic and Timeli presents

The organic business leadership academy

Business as usual is not an option – it is time to refit your purpose.

The Organic Business Leadership Academy is an initiative of  Timeli and Starfish Organic. We develop organic business leadership courses for companies and individuals active in the organic business sector who want to expand and deepen their understanding of organic agriculture principles. Organic business needs organic leadership. Organic is different for a reason. And organic business leaders need to think differently. At OBLA, we help you find your organic differentiator.

THE Organic Business Leadership course: Netherlands, November 2023

We are happy to launch our 4th OBLC in the Netherlands this autumn – join other leaders, refresh your organic knowledge, rethink your business approach and refine your strategic direction.

The OBLC kicks off on Friday, 26 October 2023 at 12:00, at the Kraaybekerhof Academie in Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Netherlands.

Why do we offer this course?
Organic businesses face a challenging period. After years of organic market growth, we now face competing interests, tightening regulation, growing interest from multinational food corporations, societal demands from critical citizens and the devastating effects of the climate crisis. These crises are not only a challenges but also an opportunity. To deal with these, organic businesses must stay in the lead. This course is designed for those who are either new in the organic sector, or already work in the organic business sector and desire to deepen their knowledge and understanding, their expertise and their network.

What is the aim?

The aim of this course is to enable organic business leaders to promote organic values and principles, challenge the persistent myths about organic and do so with leadership and authority.

How does it work and what will you learn?

The OBLC Basic Course brings attendees together on 5 afternoons over a period of 8 weeks. We lead you through the history and principles of organic to the current state of the market, the challenges of agriculture and food systems in a time of climate crisis and equip you with the tools to face the future and contribute to global regeneration while developing your business sustainably. We achieve this through a blend of dynamic knowledge transfer,  interactive group participation and periods of self-study and reflection.

The detailed program and curriculum can be found here.