Starfish Organic

Connecting organic agriculture. Linking people with people. Inspiring change.

Welcome to my space! I am excited to be out in the world as an independent agent, doing what I love:

Travel. Connect. Teach.

So, what has changed? This is exactly what I have been doing for the past 8 years. Travelled to 56 countries at last count – many of them more than 10 times. Burnt fossil fuel like a small country. Created a carbon footprint I am deservedly ashamed of. But, at the same time, I hope that I have contributed to the betterment of the world, saving of the environment, capacitating and developing the knowledge and skills of a new generation of organic leaders. My hope is that their contribution to the future world will in some way compensate for my emission trail…

Back to the question – what changed? I have gone independent. Freelance. Self-employed. Call it what you will. I said goodbye to an institution, and I am out in the world, offering my skills and experience to the global organic network as Starfish Organic. The name will ring a bell with many who attended my presentations to organic leaders around the world. I owe the name to an intriguing little book The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom. Read it, if you have the time – you will understand a lot more about what makes me tick, and why I do what I do in the way I do it.

So, watch this space for news, developments, comments, and musings of my unchained travels to distant lands – COVID willing!